I grew up in a DIY-minded familty and was constantly surrounded by different tools and projects. A good amount of time in my childhood was spent either at my Grandfather's workbench or my Grandmother's kitchen counter.

Below is a small sample of recent projects I've completed in line with the family tradition.


Simple Hangboard

In order to train for climbing during COVID-19, I put together a simple hangboard using the tools and materials I had on-hand.

This was a great quick and functional project. For future versions of the hangboard I plan to make changeable wooden holds and use a router to make pockets in the main board.


Modern Farmhouse Bedframe and Nightstands

When planning my move from the East Coast to the Bay Area, I decided to build some of the furniture for my new living space. I figured this would be a fun and fulfilling little side project to start out life on the West Coast. However, if I'm being perfectly honest, another big motivating factor was to have an immediate reason to buy new tools to replace the ones I left behind.

The design was inspired by this post on ana-white.com. In addition to the bedframe, I put together a couple simple nightsands with leftover materials. The open concept with floating shelves is a fun design that matches the style of the bedframe.


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